AISC Certification

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Option 1 – Onsite

  • Onsite pre-application Operational and Documentation assessment, review and training

  • Quality Management System Creation, Pre-Application Submittal, Extended Application Preparation and Submittal

  • Stage 1 (Documentation) Audit Deficiency Response Management

  • Onsite Pre-Audit Preparation

  • Stage 2 Audit Corrective Action Response Management

Option 2 – CCE QMS (AISC 420 – 10/SSPC QP3)

  • A mini Quality Management System specifically written to conform to the Complex Coating Endorsement standard for AISC firms seeking to add the endorsement to their existing certification

  • Quality Management System Creation, Scope Change Submittal, Pre-Application Submittal, Extended Application Preparation And Submittal

  • Documentation Audit Deficiency Response Management

  • Post-Field Audit Corrective Action Response Management

  • All work done remotely

Option 3 – Compliance Review

  • 2-Day Onsite Compliance Review

Option 4 – Compliance Management

  • 5-Day Onsite review, maintenance, execution, upkeep and organization of all required on-going QMS documentation

Certification from the AISC is increasingly a prerequisite to bid on projects in the steel fabrication, steel erection and steel coating disciplines, both public and private. Certification will increase your bidding opportunities and can enhance revenue streams.

The certification process can be a difficult and frustrating experience for first-time and international applicants. Changes to the AISC certification program itself often presents challenges to those with existing certifications. Certifications Consulting Co. provides a variety of options to help you prepare for, achieve, keep up to date and most importantly maintain certification. We create custom written quality management systems and provide quality management training for steel fabricators, steel erectors and marine/industrial coating firms based on analysis of your actual operations and take you through the entire certification process from start to finish, as well as provide ongoing support.